MarksBot is a Discord moderation and fun bot it has plenty of commands to keep you busy

If you need support you are welcome to join our Discord server you can also invite MarksBot to your server by clicking here - If you have suggestions you can DM the bot or join the support server and post your suggestion in there.

m.8ball [question] Consults the magic 8ball - example m.8ball are you here?
m.afk [message] Sets you to AFK, if someone tags you it will tell them you are AFK and display the message you set
m.ask [question] Ask MarksBot a question - example m.ask is it raining outside?
m.avatar @user Displays the avatar of the user you tagged or displays your own avatar if no user is tagged
m.big Shows a jumbo version of the emoji you select
m.bill Generate a be like bill image
m.billme [name] [gender] Generate a be like bill image with your name (m.billme Mark m | m.billme Abbie f)
m.bingo Can be used when playing Bingo to help you scratch off your card
m.dbl [mention or id] Queries the Discord Bot List to give information on a user or bot
m.discord Shows the current status of Discord
m.e [text] Puts your text into an embed - example m.e Hello MarksBot
m.emoji Displays the custom emoji on the server
m.emojisearch [text] Search the bot for emoji matching the requested name
m.fc Fingers crossed
m.fns Shows the Fortnite Daily Shop
m.fns2 Shows an interactive version of the Fortnite Daily Shop - An UPVOTE is required in order to use this command
m.guildblacklist Displays the IDS of the blacklisted guilds (These are servers where MarksBot will refuse to join)
m.help Displays the command list
m.invite Displays the invite link so you can invite MarksBot to your server
m.info Displays how many servers MarksBot is on and how many users it is serving
m.lastseen @user Displays when the tagged user was last active [shows "undefined" if the users has not been active since the bot last restarted]
m.morsecode [text] Converts your message into morsecode - example m.morsecode sos
m.mybill [text] Put your own text on Bill
m.ping Check if the bot is reponding
m.quiz Answer a general knowledge question
m.rc Generates a rancom color and displays the DEC and HEX values
m.someone Picks a random server member
m.spinner How long will it spin for?
m.serverinfo Displays current server information
m.stafflist Shows the list of verified MarksBot staff members
m.todo Shows you your todo list
m.todo+ [text] Adds something to your todo list
m.todo- Removes whichever entry you select from your todo list
m.todoclear Removed everything from your todo list (confirmation is required)
m.userinfo @user Displays information about the tagged users account or your own information if no user is tagged
m.uptime Displays how long MarksBot has been up for since it's last reboot
m.vote Checks if you are able to upvote MarksBot
m.yesno [text] Ask a question and the bot will decide yes or no - example Should I make food?

m.addemoji [url] [name] Let's you add an emoji to the server via a URL
m.allwarns Shows up to 25 warnings
m.ban @user [reason] Bans the tagged user and logs the reason (also send them a DM if they have DM's open)
m.blacklist @user Prevents the tagged user from using MarksBot commands
m.case [number] View a specific warnings case - Example m.case 1
m.check Checks to see if any users have invite links in their status message
m.clearwarnings @user Removes ALL warnings for that user
m.idban [id] Bans a user by using the UID even if they are not in the server - example m.idban 272442568275525634
m.kick @user [reason] Kicks the tagged user from the server and logs the reason (also send them a DM if they have DM's open)
m.mute @user Mutes a user so they cannot speak (you are responsible for permissions etc)
m.prune [number 1-100] Bulk delete messages up to 100 or m.prune @user bulk delete messages for the tagged user
m.softban @user @user etc Bans and immediately unbans the tagged user (s), removing 7 days of their messages
m.unblacklist @user Allows a blacklisted user to use MarksBot commands again
m.unmute @user Unmutes a muted user
m.warn @user or [id] [warn reason] Issues the tagged user with a warning and logs it - Example m.warn @markawes spam OR m.warn 272442568275525634 spam
m.warn- [case id] Remove the warning from a user (Case number required) - Example m.warn- 1 OR m.warn- 1
m.warns @user or [id] View the users warnings - Example m.warns @markawes OR m.warns 272442568275525634

m.google [search term] Use MarksBot to search Google - example m.google download discord
m.imdb [movie] Displays information about the movie you request
m.ipcheck [ip] Displays information about the IP address you provided (can be sent to dm's or channel)
m.say [text] MarksBot will repeat what you say to it
m.ud [word] Search the urban dictionary - example m.ud test
m.yoshi Summon beeg yoshi

m.dblu Updates the server count on the discord bot list
m.dmblock [ID] Adds selected user to the DM block list preventing them from sending DM's to the MarksBot
m.dmblocks Lists all the users that are blocked from sending DM's to MarksBot
m.gb [ID] Adds selected user to the Global Command Ban list preventing them from using MarksBot commands in all guilds
m.gl Shows a list of guilds MarksBot is in
m.gub [ID] Removes selected user from the Global Command Ban list allowing them to use MarksBot commands again across all guilds
m.guildban [ID] Adds a guild ID to the blacklist ,this prevents MarksBot from joining the guild
m.guildunban [ID] Removes a guild ID from the blacklist, allowing MarksBot to join the guild
m.leave [ID] [reason] Forces MarksBot to leave the requested guild and logs the reason why
m.restart Shutsdown and restarts MarksBot
m.rfl [id] Shows why MarksBot was forced to leave the selected guild
m.se Search for emojis in guilds by providing a guild ID
m.dmunblock [ID] Remove user from the DM block list
Staff commands are for verified MarksBot staff only and do not apply to staff you have in your server - to view the verified staff please do m.stafflist, if you do not believe that a staff member if a verified staff member you can ask them to do m.sc this will tell you if they are verified or not.